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Gigi Ford is the f/f romance writing alter-ego of Ainsley Booth / Zoe York. She first wrote these stories for a collection of resistance-themed anthologies in the wake of the 2016 election. For 2020, in the spirit of hope and love, she’s releasing them as as free reads under this pen name.

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Panel 1


Love Your Dreams

Brianne can’t afford a crush on her new boss. Thanks to a storm of media attention, she’s fled her old life and desperately needs to please the aloof and demanding Astrid Dane. So she ignores the zing of chemistry every time they touch, and the ache inside each night as she tumbles into a cold, lonely bed. But as their work gets harder, and their days longer, boundaries crumble and Astrid finally puts her cards on the table with an unexpected offer.

Love Your Laugh (coming soon)

Camilla’s living on her ex’s couch, working a few more weeks on a contract before she can leave the city and head west to pursue her comedy dreams. Elizabeth is the last woman she’d expect to get tangled up over—so what harm is a one-night stand? Or a second date?

Love Your Face (coming soon)

Fifteen years ago, Fred left the Midwest behind and moved to New York City. Return visits have been rocky, and this Thanksgiving promises more family drama Fred really doesn’t want to deal with it. Her best friend’s surprise appearance smooths over a difficult holiday, but raises new, complicated personal feelings when the very straight Ami confesses she’s not very straight after all.

Love Your Love (coming soon)

Two workaholics meet and fall in love. But that’s just the start of the story for business school prof Tanya and political staffer Penny. After connecting during a games night, Penny finds herself drawn to Tanya’s dear friend Win, a wild child artist who might fill a new part of Penny’s heart. And to her surprise, her beloved partner is all for Penny exploring a new relationship alongside theirs.