Chapter Twelve

Love Your Dreams, Chapter 12


I can think of all the right things to say as Brianne starts to strip me out of my clothes.

You don’t need to, or That was just as much for me as it was for you.

Lies. Damn lies.

I want her mouth on me. I want her naked body pressed against mine, her thigh against my cunt. I want to come on her skin, her hands, her tongue.

I want this woman more than is logical or maybe even possible for how short a time we’ve known each other, but I want her all the same.

I’m desperate for her to own me, body and soul.

In the morning, we’ll be able to put this lust in proper perspective. Now is not the time, as she tugs my sweatpants down my legs and bites her lip when she sees my bright red panties, to worry about the details of what this is beyond the obvious—which is that it is amazing.

“I’m good with whatever you want,” I whisper, tugging my t-shirt up my torso with just the tip of my index finger. But if you want to suck on my nipples, I’m so fucking game for that. It’s a leading invitation, really, and she follows my fingertip like a very good girl.

Her head burrows up under my shirt, and my head rolls back as her mouth closes over first one tight peak, then the other.

“Softer? Harder?”

“Yes.” I groan my pleasure as she swipes around one nipple with her tongue and tugs at the other with her fingers. “All the yes. More of that. Switch.”

“You’re yummy,” she says, laughter in her voice. “I wondered if you’d taste like lemons.”

I grin. “Do I?”

“Nope. You taste even better.” Her head pops out from under my shirt. “You taste like Astrid.”

I stare at her happy, beaming face, and something inside me snaps into place. Slowly I grin back, then I tug my shirt over my head. Be gone, clothes. You’re just in the way.

We both get all the way naked and then she climbs on top of me again. We fit together just so, and it’s been a while, maybe but I think she has done this before, because her legs slide through mine until our mounds bump into each other, and I writhe like I’ve been struck with a live wire.

“Mmm,” she says, the satisfied sound deep in her throat. “You like that?”

I look up at her through hooded eyes. “I love that. You could get me off just like that, grinding against me with your swollen little pussy. If you aren’t too sore.”

She shakes her head, her lips parted and her gaze glassy. “Not sore at all. I could come again, maybe.”

“God, yes.” I haul her onto me, and we kiss as she rubs herself off between my legs. I plant one heel against the bed and shift until my clit is rubbing between her pussy lips, and her slick wetness is right against mine. Fuck, fuck, fuck, yes.

My hands drift to her ass, then up her waist, and finally settle on the impossible softness of her breasts. I lift my head, and she arches her back, giving me the right angle to pull her flesh into my mouth.

The soft cry she let out as I suck sends me into the abyss, and as my body sails into the first spasms of my orgasm, she pushes me back, pinning me down as I held her before. She grinds against me, chasing her own climax. Take it, I want to tell her. Ride me all night long.

She doesn’t need all night, though. A few circles of her hips and she’s done, collapsing on top of me in the most welcome weight ever.

I kiss her neck and tangle my fingers in the strands of her hair.

And here I thought maybe we might sit next to each other in the hot tub so I could fantasize about her breasts yet again.

This was a much better idea.


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